Wearing your lime like sweater on a fall crispy day 
brewing coffee,
hot liquid dripping down.
The bitter aroma seeping its way into my nostrils.


The coffee pours into my mug,
as milk and sugar blend.
Memories make its way into the brown liquid.
Living in the Big Apple,
you invited me to stay.
While you cooked mac and cheese,
I snuggled into your oversized Berkley t-shirt.


Your chocolate brown eyes smiled
that cold December night,
as we put your Christmas tree together.
Jingle Bells filled your studio apartment,
while we lit up your tree with color. 
Your long brown arm wrapped around my small body,
as we stood side by side.
We gazed at the red and green lights, they flickered,
and illuminated your hazel eyes.
The lower east side never looked so beautiful.
Taking a sip of coffee,
tasting the bittersweet news
of you becoming a father.
Featured Poet:

Maria Jocelyn is a first-generation 27-year-old Mexican American. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, and currently lives in Staten Island. Growing up her parents worked hard to provide for Maria and her two sisters; showing the value of working hard for what they want in life. Her best friend Sarai gave her the idea to write poems as stories, which helped her finish writing “Coffee/City Night” after two years. 

Maria’s favorite poets include:

Rupi Kaur, Natalie Scenters- Zapico, and Kyle Fasel.

To stay in touch with Maria and her work, you can follow her at @mariaaaa05_